The Do Lab Project is a philanthropic initiative to enhance the lives of refugee children. By transforming readily available used tires into playful easy-to-install swings. The youth is given a creative, emotional, and physical outlet to heal through their right to play and learn. 

The Do Lab Project's aim is to create playgrounds for children in refugee camps, by using resources that are available to them, as well as additional materials that The Do Lab Project will provide in order to transform a useless tire into a playful swing set for children to play on.The tire cover is designed to be durable,colorful,with no need for external hardware.

Just the basics: Used TiresRopeRebar, and Cement

Making a playset is a start, The Do Lab Project wants to teach the whole refugee community the skills they need to rebuild their own life. Giving children hope, by psychologically and physically promoting health. Nothing is better than feeling the freedom of swinging in the air. 

Every child should have the right to play, and sadly that is not the case, with a large percentage lacking the basic needs.

The Do Lab Project is a start for change, being a spark of hope for the traumatized youth. They need to heal before they can continue their life and leave the past behind. 

"Making the world a better place, one used tire at a time"