The Roly Poly Stool 

Metal Fabrication

Inspired by the movement of an exercise ball, I designed a metal stool that moves in the same way. Making the user balance and enjoy an interactive dialogue with the object he/she is sitting on. 

Bent Steel (Cut, Welded, Grinded), Plywood seat 



Porcelain Pendant Lamps

Slip casted porcelain , made by a plaster mold from a paper foam model.

LED lightbulb



A wooden tray, intended for the user to be able to study on as well as play on, by turning it into a foosball table; with additional parts for the handles.  A concept for furniture design by exploring ways an object can transform your workplace into a play area allowing you to give your mind a break and relax...

Ash and Walnut Wood



An exact model replica of the childrens night light designed by OXO

Modeled Blue Foam, Spray Paint